Interlude Man —Jay Bleu

I love smelling clean out of the shower and tossing on my comfy, blue sweater. Then, I feel cradled by the familiar. Combining with my fresh and soapy skin, I’m consumed by a scent that “takes me back.” It stays on me like golden amber sap. Shutting my eyes, aroma takes me there: To aContinue reading “Interlude Man —Jay Bleu”

M – Rascuno – Draft Just as spring came, so did the day of that flower so particular that it graces our gardens. The one that perfumes our days and brings us joy with its multicolored petals, which despite being in evidence in the spring remain beautiful in any season, not only physically but from the heart. It hasContinue reading “M – Rascuno – Draft”

POEM – Dry Fountain Wishes – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted yogi) Sly town stretches along the sea,backed by sacred mountains.And amid shabby, city streetssits a broken fountain. And when the church bells peal at dusk,the drunk, they sing out loud.And all the robbers and the thievesslip through the gathered crowds. Pockets are picked and watches slippedfrom wrists of the hapless.On painted women, gooseflesh shows —theirContinue reading “POEM – Dry Fountain Wishes – B Gourley (the !n(tro)verted yogi)”

Published in Troutswirl (Haiku Prism – Orange) – Isabel Cave

twilight…the irises wallowin afterglow Happy to have this haiku included in Haiku Dialogue – Haiku Prism: Orange. HAIKU DIALOGUE – Haiku Prism – Orange & Intro to the way of … Isabel Caves at:

Mr. WB (Writer’s Block) – Vanya Rajwar (The Soul’s Urge) We were sitting together yesterday again, Mr. Writer’s Block and me, Love is like a beautiful horizon I began, Not really said he. My pen swayed and I dropped it down, As my words failed and no thoughts could be formed by my mind, Mr. WB looked elated as I stared at him inContinue reading “Mr. WB (Writer’s Block) – Vanya Rajwar (The Soul’s Urge)”

Jun03 – Nathan Cocker (Poetry 365) The Battered Mannequin “She” leans nonchalantly on a lamp post in her fancy shoes. The rubble around “her” includes both “her” arms. “Her” breasts are shot off, “her” head is dented; This civil war has killed “her” trade. Now, “her” display is not new clothes. They were all stolen, along with “her” dignity, byContinue reading “Jun03 – Nathan Cocker (Poetry 365)”

Reception Room 52 – Maria Gianna Iannucci (Reflections on Existence) sew and patch a lesser love the lukewarm quilt barely covers enough ~ M.G. Iannucci 2020 I am hemming the sorrow of a courser weave, preparing to leave. ~ Voluntary simplicity is nonviolent. Choosing to leave lesser forms of loving is also the cultivation of elegant minimalism. The singleness of unity is not scarcity,Continue reading “Reception Room 52 – Maria Gianna Iannucci (Reflections on Existence)”

Little Vines —Claudia McGill

a. hold a cool thin hand in your own without needing to know whose it is b. even fists even fingernails that scratch express grief c. it was no place for a caterpillar everyone said but one was there anyway determined to thrive d. she wants the door knob to turn she wants to beContinue reading “Little Vines —Claudia McGill”