The Little Things – Jacob Ibrag

Written by Jacob Ibrag Stretch towards the moon, towards the power that shifts. The curvature of a smile hidden upon each individuals lips. I stretch the hours in my soul, where it counts at least a little bit. Text dancing upon windows stage. Fallen pages of writer making sense of the little things. Photo by Toa Heftiba the headline in that photo! for more at Eyes +Continue reading “The Little Things – Jacob Ibrag”

alone in a crowd – AB

Feeling absolutely lonelywith hundreds aroundUnspeakable conversationsForgetful soundsLife could have been betterif lived as a hermitJungles, dark desertsNo pretence, no permitAnimals real friendsTrees companions trueWinds carry wishesEarth protecting you for more from AB, at ‘Perspectives on Life the Universe and Everything’ at:

Reverie – sirensong1208

Morning glimpsedbehind a curtainshaft of lightdancingupon a headboarddust motesalightinga stillness disturbedfingers slowlymoving over warm skinmine for yoursawakeningto thoughts, desirecurling around meand within, a bandtighteningevery revolutionintensifyingevery strokea lover’s wishshattering restraint in a rush of sounda bitten lipthe lingering markof your possession To read more at Siren Whispers, please click here:

That Woman Remembered – The Human Anvil

In this wafer thin world,My mirror holds together,Your palpable smile. I live there somewhere,Buried; under warm hollow bricks,Dreaming and dreaming,Ringlets of flowers, raindrops of gold,And of you reading a blank page,Written one hundred ways. Your name is a shape,Or a flower or a bird,Dahlia, Paloma or some rounded word,You are the poem, I the paper,YouContinue reading “That Woman Remembered – The Human Anvil”

This Pole I Hold – Stella

Here on the bank of one of the largest manmade lakes in the country He used to fish here I grew up here It’s peaceful Besides his pole I hold I see poles in the air scattered there And there True fishermen I guess I still see him sitting here as the sunrises I seeContinue reading “This Pole I Hold – Stella”

Hope (a double etheree)- Indieshe

Light, Vibrant,Spreading love,Now cloistered deepAnd Melancholic,It Fluttered in fury,Darting at the grey cover,Slipping through tiny crevices,The icicles now with a dull sheenA Suffusion of warmth so radiant.Leaving a fiery trail on dreary grey, The errant ray full of lively spright,A cavalcade of surging hope,Flaunting its golden shimmer,Consoling the dark surf ,For all was not lost,ShadesContinue reading “Hope (a double etheree)- Indieshe”

Leave Here- Makeshift26

I found out I’m someone I don’t even know, I feel the urge to escape you,so I can find love too.When I can’t heal myself, or anybody else, know that I hear you.It’s time I leave here. Am I failing you? Well, you’re failing me too.I’m tired, crossed wires, weird vibes and stalled desires.Am IContinue reading “Leave Here- Makeshift26”

The Church – The Mush from the Hill

How could I forget? Sacrilege scorched To the back of my eyelids And I see it over and over Every time I close my eyes This terrible memory Has not been lost over time As I recall that cruel night A night as black as pitch And the cold, icy and biting From my bedroomContinue reading “The Church – The Mush from the Hill”

Now That She’s Gone – Frank Solanki

Give me Loneliness for companyGive me strangers for friendshipGive me a heart that I once ownedDiseases to fill it withNow that I am aloneNow that she has gone Give me walls that can whisperGive me a roof, a cracking roofGive me a floor full of rodentsA hallucination proofNow that I am aloneNow that she hasContinue reading “Now That She’s Gone – Frank Solanki”

Talking To the Sun – Said Sadain (Sand Star Blog)

talking to the sun the cars stop at red, a momentary block,as the gaunt but big-boned man— with sun-baked face and arms,hair and beard dangling wiry, crinkledlike loose threads of his faded-violetduffel bag slung on a towering shoulder,dressed in tattered flowing brown robethat had long lost its sleeves —crosses our part of the street onContinue reading “Talking To the Sun – Said Sadain (Sand Star Blog)”