Looking Through Different Windows – Intellectual Shaman

I’ve looked up at windows and I’ve looked out of windows my whole life. And the world is colored by light. the day dawns and the night speaks while I lay in bed listening… I want to stop the seasons prevent the world from turning but reality won’t let me and the loneliness of theContinue reading “Looking Through Different Windows – Intellectual Shaman”

Bathroom Meltdowns – stoner on a roller coaster

https://stoneronarollercoaster.com/ Loneliness whispered to meThere’s nobody watching youNobody envying your smileNobody smiling at your tearsNobody mocking your feelingsNot a single soul belittling your fearsSo, breathe easy, hunAnd it let it beLoosen that knot in your throatAnd set your grudges freeYou can be mad, that’s okayThat boiling rage is weakening your heartPunch something if you wantContinue reading “Bathroom Meltdowns – stoner on a roller coaster”

Hush – Frank Regan (Made of Sticks and Stones)

Susurrus,Wind kisses upon the water. The breeze stirs the leaves of the willow,Moving like the fingertips of a dancer would.Elegant branches,Limbs of an acrobat, swayDipping low agitating the mirror calmOf the tranquil pool. Elemental water and sylvan spirit of living woodAllowed to commune,Within this companion silence. © 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved. OriginallyContinue reading “Hush – Frank Regan (Made of Sticks and Stones)”

How to Create an Individuality —Captain Q

How to create an individuality Yet, contribute to society as a whole Without falling to the socialist ideal & abandoning your capitalistic soul I believe in the American experiment A dream that is & could be great In fact, I’ve sworn to defend it forever Duty, honor & a complicated fate Read more —Captain Q

So I Held Her Hand —Frank Solanki

Dark days are looming Wild storm is close Who’ll be able to make it? That nobody knows All of us are strangers In a foreign land So I closed my eyes and So I held her hand I can sense a danger Smell it from afar I can see some trouble Coming where we areContinue reading “So I Held Her Hand —Frank Solanki”

Casey’s General Store – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog)

https://cdandersblog.wordpress.com/ Small towns can thrive, survive even, people can be people and move on, recognize, realize, but some towns are ghost towns with living relics routinely walking to the one store ’round for miles, big white letters and reddish store front beckoning those off the highway and those coming ’round to hear the tales ofContinue reading “Casey’s General Store – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog)”

Bright Lights #whatdoyousee- michnavs

why is it my love thatwhen i look at youi see light,like i’ve never seenit beforewhy is it my love thatmy worldhas turned into blueas i hold your handsdearly and gentlyin the silenceof my dreamsand my mutedmemorieswhereare allthe brightlightsmy love? (For visually challenged reader, the image shows a woodland scene, where blue butterflies are sittingContinue reading “Bright Lights #whatdoyousee- michnavs”

Longing —Artemis Bronstein

As the summer slides from my hips to my thighs I cannot tear myself from thoughts of your wild-cat eyes. How your hands would caress with such deftness and exactness traversing my buttresses and valleys as one who has known a land since before memory began not a step mislaid you find my secretive sun-filledContinue reading “Longing —Artemis Bronstein”

Reliance – Writer in Retrospect

There is anger in your chidings;Worry in your voice.When life sends out its tidings,What will be my choice? Will I make a grand mistakeAnd then come crawling back to you?Is it more than you can takeThat I’m not one, but two? We’re like Buffy and Giles,Or like the Winchester brothers:We share tears and smilesUntil itContinue reading “Reliance – Writer in Retrospect”