You Can Be Happy – Intellectual Shaman

When the world is crashing down and it’s a sin to smile and all the people are hysterical with chemicals shooting through their brains like love, like hate, like fear, like loneliness and you have been wondering why you read philosophy Suddenly, the dawn breaks… You eat hope like dessert with a big cherry onContinue reading “You Can Be Happy – Intellectual Shaman”

The Kindness Award – Intellectual Shaman (Poetry for Finding the Meaning in the Madness)

A Man in his Apartment is staring at the city where the night notices things a motorcycle cruising along a quiet street making sound muted during the day We need disruption things that don’t go our way mysteries so we have something to puzzle over Kindness is not threatening so it rarely ever wins butContinue reading “The Kindness Award – Intellectual Shaman (Poetry for Finding the Meaning in the Madness)”

An Investment in Interesting – The Intellectual Shaman

I can’t get to the truth the same way twice because magic is the man who does impractical things Beaten pathways are trod-on by hard-hitting people their meaning is confirmed by money but Death is the only currency Why is it that a stranger has more love than a best friend? Position, fame, and materialContinue reading “An Investment in Interesting – The Intellectual Shaman”

Never There – Intellectual Shaman (Poetry for Finding Meaning in the Madness)

across an angry ocean of emptiness my little boat floats enduring sea sickness and poor navigation tossed by wind whistling from many directions I mute my colors pulling down my sails and my flag it was a journey from one land to another Now, it’s life on the sea peaceful in its protest learning toContinue reading “Never There – Intellectual Shaman (Poetry for Finding Meaning in the Madness)”

Looking Through Different Windows – Intellectual Shaman

I’ve looked up at windows and I’ve looked out of windows my whole life. And the world is colored by light. the day dawns and the night speaks while I lay in bed listening… I want to stop the seasons prevent the world from turning but reality won’t let me and the loneliness of theContinue reading “Looking Through Different Windows – Intellectual Shaman”

The Kite Flyers- Intellectual Shaman

Storm clouds were building, enormous towers of foreboding, blocking direct sunlight, while the mist sparkled in the air. Fields in Paradise Park were harsh green; rays cutting through the vapor, rainbows vanishing to reappear. Kite flyers flew their colorful diamonds against the thunderous backdrop, electricity in the air, with their black trench coats billowing behindContinue reading “The Kite Flyers- Intellectual Shaman”

a creative coyote – Intellectual Shaman

Nothing gets near to this scavenger it’s too hungry eating trash while it stares at wild game desiring a creative kill green fields of sheep ignored barren deserts of death calling it howls with its heart for something it hears what’s inside it wants to be filled. for more from this seeker, please click onContinue reading “a creative coyote – Intellectual Shaman”

Supernatural Sowing Season – Intellectual Shaman

Ordinary Confidence is not enough and when I make things bigger I can’t ride the wave Everybody wants some until the fall So, we must believe there is an angel inside walking through fields under the weary sun until the devil comes out at night blowing our seeds away Maybe we planted them like lostContinue reading “Supernatural Sowing Season – Intellectual Shaman”

(Untitled Poem) – Intellectual Shaman

If we don’t get richer and we fail a thousand times If women don’t want us and this life walks away If we can’t see the future and time is misunderstood We hope for the poet’s word Strength from some unknown, mystical source after our muscles have left. for more from this author, please clickContinue reading “(Untitled Poem) – Intellectual Shaman”

Pushed Out – Intellectual Shaman

When people look at you with angry eyes and they laugh to avoid listening Reflection is your best recourse Power needs attention to grow So, you can’t fight it. There is a tipping point for all of us When we fall off the side of the world and descend into madness or something else. ItContinue reading “Pushed Out – Intellectual Shaman”