{313} Untitled Living -Rahul Gaur (Smoke Words Every Day)

https://rahulgaurblog.com/ The secrets of the skieslie at our feetbut we’re busy looking upforging the present inthe hope of a futureStuck in limbos of wanting to liveand the hustle of dying slowlywe find ourselves lost most of the timewhen we should lose ourselves oftento find what we’re all about The post [313] Untitled Living appeared first on Smoke WordsContinue reading “{313} Untitled Living -Rahul Gaur (Smoke Words Every Day)”

POEM: Sound [Day 26 NaPoMo: Lyric] – B Gourley

https://berniegourley.com/ Relentless sound, relentlessly pounds —throbbing throughout the town.They crank the volume up so loud;I turn it right back down. But songs sung in quiet, they grindon the sour side of mind.Some lump of cells tries hard to findthe sound below the line. And when the sound yields to silence,my brain asks where it went,andContinue reading “POEM: Sound [Day 26 NaPoMo: Lyric] – B Gourley”

Passion Flower – House of Heart

The vibrancy of peony lush curls of gardenia the brush of nurture on birds of paradise tempests of wildflowers scattered across a meadow tame the feral garden she blooms for you art by Ronnie Piccard for more at House of Heart, click here: https://houseofheartweb.wordpress.com/