poem – M. Taggart

Without guidance,but blanked instead,The pushing of the non-Catch a barrage of sounds,full of volume, applyingwhat clear force is needed,to find the line that leadsthe thread waiting for aclasped hand- -M. Taggart for more from this creative bloke, click here: https://mtaggartwriter.wordpress.com/

poem – being – M. Taggart

The Iliad of silence gasps for airas we peer through collectedprisms of sight- hoping to risea morning with more purposethan that which drives eyesto view the next without. -M. Taggart online at: https://mtaggartwriter.wordpress.com/

Kericho Gold – Christine Tabaka

poem swiped from: https://thedrabble.wordpress.com/ By Ann Christine Tabaka Morning tea,brewed with memories of places I have been.I can taste the shade and mountain breeze.Delicate upon my tongue,flavors of earth and sun combine.Bright aroma of cool rain fills my cup,as I sip the rich amber liquid.A splash of milk, as tradition proclaims.On the air, chanting of aContinue reading “Kericho Gold – Christine Tabaka”

Being with you – debatably dateable

https://debatablydateable.com/ I like the stumble on your jaw  and your broken one-too-many-times nose. I like how good you are at telling stories. I like how your arms feel wrapped around me and when you pull me into your chest. I like that you’re ticklish. I like having you on my mind I like that IContinue reading “Being with you – debatably dateable”

If Ahead I See – Robert Okaji

Gray skies filtered through light,eyes adapting space,the possibilities of the horizon or a footlashing out in reflex,what do I learn? The house finch sings as ifall air will expire at song’s end. Falling, I release this misplaced trust.The path, muddied and crowded with fools. to read more from this author, please click here: https://robertokaji.com/

Somewhere – Vishal Dutia

Somewhere the sun is settingIn your tired eyes Somewhere a cool breeze carriesSongs of changing times Somewhere you’re getting by,Flushed with words of wine, Somewhere a fool lamentsThat he never called you “mine” for more at Jalvis Quotes, click here: https://jalvisquotes.wordpress.com/

Filth – Jacob Ibrag (Eyes + Words)

Written by Jacob Ibrag They want to go outside and move around. Barefoot among the elements. The dirtier the pavement the better. Filth makes it feel real. Tired of their cleanliness. It’s not that they want to be careless, it’s simply the option of having it. This self made prison and its recycled air. Homes incubatingContinue reading “Filth – Jacob Ibrag (Eyes + Words)”

(Untitled Poem) – Svelte

14 day extension…distance lengthens like my hairgrown since I started paying attentionto little things like thatand all the creases in the crumpled skyclosely I familiarize the face of timeno longer strangers nowI will acknowledge as it goes byas I sharpen my skill setand cut through monotony that’s become lifeI practice a daydreamlong after daylight…– JenContinue reading “(Untitled Poem) – Svelte”