there are things we say – pleasant street

there are things we saywhen we area part what we might nothave said without the grief of d i s t a n c e growing wordsloving wordsextraordinary kindnesses remotely I miss your face for more from this author, please click here:

Prompt – Pleasant Street Why women only?Are we victims–I do not feellike a victimas I risemy heart beatingmy breath in and outall day for more from this author, please click here: image:

To the busy housewife- Pleasant Street that set the house on firethat sought lifeand found it was a tomb–the full glass spentand saw no sunthe revels of youthmelted into air Feast on thy dish of painhow women on television do–this insubstantialpageant of caressleep beyond the griefold before thy time Demand of it–sunlit, nutritious wordsdrowsy tinklingsrise! rise!laughter hummingwith flatt’ry’s tidesthe owlContinue reading “To the busy housewife- Pleasant Street”