A Breathing Story – Piyush Singh (The Perceptions Square)

A phenomenonwe can’t explain,A complex puzzlegoverned by no laws,Lying in a minutecorner of milky way,A tiny spectacletwinkling with delight,The precious , shimmeringThe story of our lives ! Written in the fabricOf space and time,A mural sketchedIn the vast breathing cosmos,Beating hard insideThe womb of chaos,Our precious jewel,The breathingStory of our lives ! ©2020 Piyush Singh atContinue reading “A Breathing Story – Piyush Singh (The Perceptions Square)”

Self-Exploration – Piyush Singh (The Perceptions Square)

https://theperceptionssquare.com/ Lurking in the shadowsAfraid to embrace the unknownA little courage is what I needTo get out of my refugeMy refuge in false comfortThe comfort that paralyseMy life beyond repair ©2020 Piyush Singh for more from this creative thinker, click on over: https://theperceptionssquare.com/