Today’s Soul Whisper – A Phoenix in Waiting by Michèle Duquet A bird’s eye view on a day’s walkthe winds of changeexhale defeat standing stillis our fate and yet… through the soul’s eyesthe stillness rises,a Phoenixin waiting its dawn still bright ©Michèle Duquet, all rights reservedPhoto credit: Flo Maderebner from Pexels from more from this creative spirit at ‘organicschat’, please click here:

Phoenix – Erik Shinker

A symbol in vogue given a wildly unique framing. – Grumpy Gorman A relapse in regret;a creature accustomed toclimbing currents of airbrought low by vice. Death and rebirth occur;a cycle caused by our condition.How can we return alone fromthis Endless afterlife where onenever recovers?Not fully. Listen for the whistling whispers, foreven ash will rise whenContinue reading “Phoenix – Erik Shinker”