Buddha’s Not Talking – Robert Okaji

https://robertokaji.com/ Buddha’s Not Talking He looks out from the shelf while I considermanure, sharp knives and the hagfish’s secondheart, or whether odors differ in texture when a dog retraces his steps through the park, and do they reallylose themselves or just quickly shed their pasts,forever moving towards now. Sometimes I say hello, but truthfully weContinue reading “Buddha’s Not Talking – Robert Okaji”

Pushed Out – Intellectual Shaman

When people look at you with angry eyes and they laugh to avoid listening Reflection is your best recourse Power needs attention to grow So, you can’t fight it. There is a tipping point for all of us When we fall off the side of the world and descend into madness or something else. ItContinue reading “Pushed Out – Intellectual Shaman”

ended – chester maynes

it’s not our choice.dilemma is fevered.twice is never enough.the clock is still ticking. there are shoes to fill.but not all feet can fit.we have different destiny.sometimes we have jealousy. the way we ended.we did not love.separation is bittersweet.life tangles with death. 2020 for more from this author, please click here: https://chestermaynes.wordpress.com/

Brewing Storms – Onie Maniego

Maybe he brewed his storms at nightSo he could pour it cold tomorrow—Like his blanket covering the stars,In the morning it would be gray.The raging fires will be his comfortSo he’d be asleep amidst the chaos. Photo by Terry Jung on Unsplash© 2020 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts https://thepaperdrafts.wordpress.com/