Starlight – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due)

She is celestial,Elf-kind;a fixed point of lightplaced in the ether to guide.A glimmer of hope in the void.One piece insidea constellation of eternal splendor,she is luminescent.With my Skyward traveler,I send my love,ad astra. by Erik Shinker online at:

Up to This Point – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due) I can recall the first time I saw youleaving, the firstglimpse of your auburn mane; Ihoped you would be here, just forthe chance to speak with you. Then you began to come through thatdoor routinely, sending silent smiles andgreetings of a genial, if surface, nature. As time passed, I pined and poemed after you;anContinue reading “Up to This Point – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due)”

My Shadow Sleeps Forever – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due) Fur remains to markthe common, cozy places of his rest.Nuzzling, my constant companion of over16 years seeks solace in my touch.His nose nudges my hands as thoughpropelled by the vibration of his purring.Matted, greasy fur from a lack ofself care covers him. He headbutts me in earnest,as aggressive for affection as ever. I haveContinue reading “My Shadow Sleeps Forever – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due)”

Little One – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due) For my nephew) Your entrance was preceded byyour mother’s cry of painand followed by your ownannouncement.“I am here,”you proclaimed, thoughthe words haven’t been given to you yet.Your mother’s struggle supplanted bythe love felt for you as you werelifted, a gift, intomaternal embrace. I hope you have your father’s sense of humor;his ability to expressContinue reading “Little One – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due)”

Mother – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due) Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Perpetually Past Due Strength despite frustration;the natural enemy of death asthe embodiment of creation.Venerated for the gift she gives,we would be nothing without her;she is sometimes taken for granted,despite our best intentions. Soft enough to nurture, shehides a fury forthe safety of hercubs, herchicks, hercreation.Continue reading “Mother – Erik Shinker (Perpetually Past Due)”

At the End of Everything – Erik Shinker We take a step, here,at the end of all things,over the precipice of the past.Brittle pebbles break from theshattered foundations ofwhat came before.Dust and grit cascade over the cliff’s edge;the foot hovers,aware of the void beneath. The torrential breath of changebuffets from behind,pushing to cast usforward in a leap of faith,and hope for theContinue reading “At the End of Everything – Erik Shinker”

Shopping for a Significant Other – Erik Shinker When did we stop thinking of othersas human?When did we become commodities tobrowse through as we shop,items and products marketing ourselvesin the hope for an end to our loneliness? Requested specifications include:height, andskin color, andhair color, andgender, andsexual preference, andlocation, andso on, andso forth, andso what? Qualify yourself to ensure quality,judge others based onContinue reading “Shopping for a Significant Other – Erik Shinker”

The Hurting -Erik Shinker

I was searching for someone totrace my history throughfingerprint and dermal imperfection. We would read the scars on one another’sbodies like Braille; tellingthe stories of our hurts andthose who cut and carved into our memories.Seldom forgiven;never forgotten. A blind hope we wouldn’t be doing thesame damn thing in a couple ofyears with other lovers;telling themContinue reading “The Hurting -Erik Shinker”

Phoenix – Erik Shinker

A symbol in vogue given a wildly unique framing. – Grumpy Gorman A relapse in regret;a creature accustomed toclimbing currents of airbrought low by vice. Death and rebirth occur;a cycle caused by our condition.How can we return alone fromthis Endless afterlife where onenever recovers?Not fully. Listen for the whistling whispers, foreven ash will rise whenContinue reading “Phoenix – Erik Shinker”