sunset gin – kate58 (just another girl)

it’s my own special concoctionutilised on those dayswhen I waft from room to roomin an unthinking dazemornings when I feel unsettledafternoons when I feel blueafter evening teawhen I don’t know what to domade especially for those dayswhen I simply cannot wina magic remedythat I call sunset gin no, I’m not gone tell youwhat’s in theContinue reading “sunset gin – kate58 (just another girl)”

Nanna – purpldragon (Dragonition)

I remember you in the garden and I grieved for you in the garden but I left my grief there to grow. I will pick it like a flower and hold it close. Let myself feel and remember and love and cry. for more flames breathed, click on over:

Wonderland – Harley Reborn

Should I ever want to visit wonderland All I would need to do is Follow the white rabbit To my vanity And gaze into my oversized mirror I will see many things that are Not quite as they appear And the thoughts that cloud My judgement Are all mad here Like I shouldn’t have eatenContinue reading “Wonderland – Harley Reborn”