“Unreal” – Nayana Nair (it rains in my heart)

I sat among friendsand smiled when they took your nameand placed it carefully beside mine. I laughed, had another drink,looked away, hiding in myselfholding dearlythe part of you beating in me. As I negated every jokemade at our expense,knowing how silly it all was.I realized, this – our ridiculously sweet love,our hearts filling and overflowingwithContinue reading ““Unreal” – Nayana Nair (it rains in my heart)”

cheat – A Writer’s Soul

https://awriterssoulblog.wordpress.com/ Cheat,What a strong word,Such a powerful word to claim,I am, you are, and we are,Cheaters and liars,Victims and addicts to the power being on their minds,Such a powerful feeling to try and move on from,Cheats,Liars,I cheated, on you, on us, on what we were,And now I’m left with this guilt and shame,Fallen far fromContinue reading “cheat – A Writer’s Soul”