Rainbow —Forgotten Meadows

That day… The world forgot to be kind, and you forgot to be patient, and in between figuring out who you were, and where you came from, and why you were here, the clouds of life, poured on you, and your heart cried with the rain… but, when it was over, and though the worldContinue reading “Rainbow —Forgotten Meadows”

I shall do – indishe

Like a sea in tempest,My soul reverberated with plans,Daring and dull, Steering my life’s hull.Drifting through untested seas,Enigmatic,Unknown. Taming the tempests, Battling my stars,I surfaced ahead in a frenzy untold A zombie caught in its vicious hold.Weathered and weary,Wanting a respite,All I desired was to stand and stare I ran around and aroundBut nothing wasContinue reading “I shall do – indishe”

Drifting Nowhere – Ankit Thapa

Drifting aimlessly,Falling helplessly,What am I to you?Given half a chance,I believe I can. Say the words.Erase my doubts.Am I in love?I don’t understand. for more from this author, please find him here: https://ankitthapa691258910.wordpress.com/

Reverie – sirensong1208

Morning glimpsedbehind a curtainshaft of lightdancingupon a headboarddust motesalightinga stillness disturbedfingers slowlymoving over warm skinmine for yoursawakeningto thoughts, desirecurling around meand within, a bandtighteningevery revolutionintensifyingevery strokea lover’s wishshattering restraint in a rush of sounda bitten lipthe lingering markof your possession To read more at Siren Whispers, please click here: https://sirensong1208.wordpress.com/

That Woman Remembered – The Human Anvil

In this wafer thin world,My mirror holds together,Your palpable smile. I live there somewhere,Buried; under warm hollow bricks,Dreaming and dreaming,Ringlets of flowers, raindrops of gold,And of you reading a blank page,Written one hundred ways. Your name is a shape,Or a flower or a bird,Dahlia, Paloma or some rounded word,You are the poem, I the paper,YouContinue reading “That Woman Remembered – The Human Anvil”

Solemn Wishes – Michelle Cook

Amid a fireBuilt for twoI solemnly sitAnd think of you And I wonderHow this life would beIf you were everHere with me I know the answersAre so close byFound within the depthsOf every sigh What we shareIsn’t going awayThis is how I knowWe will find a way © 2019 Michelle Cook to read more Michelle,Continue reading “Solemn Wishes – Michelle Cook”