If I Were Born A Little Early – Frank Solanki

If I were born a little earlyI would have made electricityFirst to say — The Earth is roundCures for diseases I would have foundWould have theorized gravitational lawLeave everyone trailing in aweWould have had a star named after meA constellation or galaxyFuture generations would have studied meMy brain, my life, my familyBut I was bornContinue reading “If I Were Born A Little Early – Frank Solanki”

Anticipatory Love – Rahul Gauer (Smoke Words Every Day)

Dissociation in styleI walk on reflected cloudsIt’s a metaphorical livingI wish I could live on the groundI always wander in the spacesLiminal places of the nether worldwhere the shape of a snow is intactand the anticipation of a surprise still betterthan the surprise of you visitingwhere you don’t usually visitUsually i’m the first to arriveContinue reading “Anticipatory Love – Rahul Gauer (Smoke Words Every Day)”

Hibernating – Moonbeams and Kisses

I am in the winterof my words—-barren, harshunforgiving silently waitingfor new budsto spring forthlike magic beans sold on a mountainof promise andtraded for a slightwhisper of hope. for more from this deep diver, click on over: https://moonbeamsandkisses.wordpress.com/

a little bit on writer’s block – Rachel (Patient and Kind)

Sitting in my solitary room, A blank canvas of a cocoon, Wishing that the walls were daubed with paint To stimulate the mind, the soul, the heart. Colours splashed in slapdash ways, My psyche making stories from the nonsense found, But that nonsense is my own And in time others find their own. So puttingContinue reading “a little bit on writer’s block – Rachel (Patient and Kind)”

April 30 – Nathan Cocker (Poetry 365)

https://poetry-365.com/ I do not need another slice of cake, my stomach just won’t take it, and don’t give me any custard, it brings me out in spots. I do not need anything spicy or bland or hot or frozen. I will eat anything shoved under my nose, if its cooked, So make sure that it’sContinue reading “April 30 – Nathan Cocker (Poetry 365)”

At the End of Everything – Erik Shinker

https://perpetuallypastdue.com/ We take a step, here,at the end of all things,over the precipice of the past.Brittle pebbles break from theshattered foundations ofwhat came before.Dust and grit cascade over the cliff’s edge;the foot hovers,aware of the void beneath. The torrential breath of changebuffets from behind,pushing to cast usforward in a leap of faith,and hope for theContinue reading “At the End of Everything – Erik Shinker”

Rainbow —Forgotten Meadows

That day… The world forgot to be kind, and you forgot to be patient, and in between figuring out who you were, and where you came from, and why you were here, the clouds of life, poured on you, and your heart cried with the rain… but, when it was over, and though the worldContinue reading “Rainbow —Forgotten Meadows”

I shall do – indishe

Like a sea in tempest,My soul reverberated with plans,Daring and dull, Steering my life’s hull.Drifting through untested seas,Enigmatic,Unknown. Taming the tempests, Battling my stars,I surfaced ahead in a frenzy untold A zombie caught in its vicious hold.Weathered and weary,Wanting a respite,All I desired was to stand and stare I ran around and aroundBut nothing wasContinue reading “I shall do – indishe”