A Clean Sink is Necessary – River Dixon

https://thestoriesinbetween.com/ I can’t get the stain From my hands Scalding, castile mornings Bleach and razor blades Sloughing the scale from Flaking, disintegrating fingers Clogged drain, mold and hair Alcohol drips with purpose Down the leading edge Of your grandfather’s Antique barber’s shears Ceremoniously honed For such an occasion Nails, one, two, another Meticulously torn FromContinue reading “A Clean Sink is Necessary – River Dixon”

Unseen —David Green

If only I could Tell her how much I love her – want To be with her But all I can Do is dance with her in a dream on The clouds For she is just a Wisp of my over active imagination The ghost who Haunts my past My one and only companion unseenContinue reading “Unseen —David Green”

Dreamers Ordeal -Wildheart

There’s so many things to do and so little time…  Dreams to be achieved Records to be set  Adventures to be seeked Parents to be made proud Dream house to be bought  Gym to be hit Healthier life to be lead Fine literature to be read  Books to be written Movies to be watched  FriendsContinue reading “Dreamers Ordeal -Wildheart”

White Thoughts —Shreya Vikram

i. The most powerful is powerless; we know the force of water only as it crashes onto a surface. To be alone is always nothing. Nothing trickles upwards. There is only one way to reach the top- you must give away, of your own will, as much of yourself as possible. ii. Each one ofContinue reading “White Thoughts —Shreya Vikram”

Indifferent World – makeshift26

https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/ I’m indifferent to you,in this world made for two,sharing what we have with the rest, wondering how we got this far on fumes.The breath of life in view,littering the streets with news,of a better life for everyone. Photo credit: Navid Baraty for more from this author, click here: https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/

First Blush – Yas Khan

https://yassy66.wordpress.com/ Sun flares into the sapphire My canvas rushes to capture Birds flying through wands of gold, grey Language of rainbow wings Strength in wild of day Divine comes through Connecting Heartbeats Sun warms aura of my consciousness Adorning wisdom in my heart I bleed in this odyssey Where tears turn to diamonds A jeweledContinue reading “First Blush – Yas Khan”

Small Talk —Writer in Retrospect

You tell me I’m no fun, But I think I’ve overdosed on it: Years spent laughing, joking; Often feeling none of it. You tell me I should talk some more, But what have I to say? Nothing you would like to hear, So I think it best I stay away. You tell me there’s aContinue reading “Small Talk —Writer in Retrospect”

Rainstorm Romance – Mark Tulin

https://crowonthewire.com/ It was a rainstorm infatuation. The clouds romantically dimmed the skies. She looked perfect under the veiled night, deep brown skin, hair dripping of rainwater, eyes as big as saucers. A rainstorm of happenstance that we’ll never regret, even when we’re happily married to someone else. Originally published at The Poetry Bar. read more fromContinue reading “Rainstorm Romance – Mark Tulin”

Spaceship – Shllyn

https://shllyn.com/ We often joked about dying Together in a spaceship Blasting off above clouds That looked like cotton fields Toward the woman in the sky We both fell in love with And wrapping up our wanderlust-filled adventures With the most exciting one of them all Our eyes have cherished the moon At her most brilliantContinue reading “Spaceship – Shllyn”