Untitled -Chris Nelson

Born into the night Sharp-suited, black Against the shadows, Felt your footsteps Cold and soundless Tracking, Each placed deep within my own, Your breath, Chill upon my neck As your words swirled, Like birds lost in the warmth Of early winter, Around my head, My back sheltered by  The uneasiness of your coat Wrapped aboutContinue reading “Untitled -Chris Nelson”

untitled night – one round corner

https://oneroundcorner.com/ a frayed shirt hangs still in the window thought I had forgotten that moment from yesterday a silhouette of oak climbs up the glass frame of a moonlit eye a color so shallow jumps out of the pane yet so deep it leaps back behind the space it fills with its strange delight andContinue reading “untitled night – one round corner”

whir of days – House of Heart

Comes  the days when we reach back into seas of pinpoint diamonds where like globes of fire we spun through glimmering heavens yielding only to the pull of hearts. Now the dew falls from our eyes Not from  the sky, the tide pulls outward and mountains lose their foothold but a new sun is risingContinue reading “whir of days – House of Heart”