Gently Mocked – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)

“You can find me in the frozen mood section.” Henry Rollins Gently Mocked The day was perfect, but I found its fault where no fault lay, I beat upon its languid warmth, sneered at its sunlit leaves, belittled its calm and cheery air, and, all the while unblemished, it gently mocked my jaded mood. ©Paul VincentContinue reading “Gently Mocked – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)”

At The Edge – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)

Kim at dVerse has invited us to write a quadrille (44 words) including the word eavesdropping. dVerse Poets – Quadrille – What’s That Rustling In The Eaves? “Ecstasy is the accurate term for the intensity of consciousness that occurs in the creative act.” Rollo May At The Edge Eve was gently dropping words into the soft airContinue reading “At The Edge – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)”

My Eye’s Delight —Paul Vincent Cannon

My Eye’s Delight I saw her working, her uncertain, improvised easel holding a whitened canvas, just waiting for those seemingly random daubs of bold impressionism, free form interpretations splashed with meaning, today there was no mere Renoir or Cezanne, this delicate weave of gossamer sheer, an orb’s masterpiece for my eye’s delight. ©Paul Vincent CannonContinue reading “My Eye’s Delight —Paul Vincent Cannon”