a lawyer walks into a bar… – Rachel (of Patient & Kind)

Her suit was black and clung to her, Her figure skeletal, and nails sharpened to a point. She walked into a room that once was light With love and people sharing life And once she graced them with her darkened presence Then the colour drained and warmth It seeped out through the gaps that theyContinue reading “a lawyer walks into a bar… – Rachel (of Patient & Kind)”

Ghost – Rachel (of Patient and Kind Love)

I dream of ghosts that haunt Ladies in voluminous white And gentlemen ready to offer A hand to dance or take in marriage. I dream that one day you can be The romance that another girl will wish When she wanders through The abbey’s haunted walls Noose in hand, and ready to take A finalContinue reading “Ghost – Rachel (of Patient and Kind Love)”

you can bully me into doing ANYTHING – Rachel (of Patient and Kind)

I’m soft and insignificant, easily worked Into a shape that fits your world. I won’t push back, resistance isn’t me. I’m like a dough that’s stretched and pulled And hammered down into a base That’s topped with things that others want With no concern for what I need. online at: https://patientandkindlove.com/

hooligans in an otherwise peaceful place – Rachel (Patient and Kind)

I tapped my ash from cigarettes smoked nervously. Never smoke on normal days, but our world seems odd, Slightly skewed and leaving crinkled knots In my organs, needing ironing out with drugs. The world was folding in for many days, A sense of buttered hate on blackened toast, Just something not quite right, that makeContinue reading “hooligans in an otherwise peaceful place – Rachel (Patient and Kind)”

Antiques Roadshow – Patient and Kid

https://patientandkindlove.com/ The painting seems quite ordinary, Nothing I would hang, even in the downstairs loo. But the man on the TV who faintly reminds me Of a teacher that once taught me geography, He anxiously twists his hands as he waits For the verdict on what was left to him By his dear old auntContinue reading “Antiques Roadshow – Patient and Kid”

a little bit on writer’s block – Rachel (Patient and Kind)

Sitting in my solitary room, A blank canvas of a cocoon, Wishing that the walls were daubed with paint To stimulate the mind, the soul, the heart. Colours splashed in slapdash ways, My psyche making stories from the nonsense found, But that nonsense is my own And in time others find their own. So puttingContinue reading “a little bit on writer’s block – Rachel (Patient and Kind)”

i think i might be a bit shallow – Rachel (Patient and Kind)

https://patientandkindlove.com/ I think I might be a bit shallow Because I love to judge a book By just how beautiful The cover has been made. Hardback, with pretty little end papers That give the most subtle of clues. Where will the story go? And will my main character Kiss the girl at the end? TheContinue reading “i think i might be a bit shallow – Rachel (Patient and Kind)”

i’m going to break the pattern this time around – Rachel (Patient and Kind)

https://patientandkindlove.com/ It’s relentless, this push and pull. Exhausting, one could say. I want so much, to love, But loving you is hard. I crave that hug, the sweet embrace That takes me back to four When I skinned my knee, When I needed you like now. This time I’m changing it, Not following the wellContinue reading “i’m going to break the pattern this time around – Rachel (Patient and Kind)”