Dangerous Happiness – Onie Maniego (Paper Drafts)

In these times, I feel better. The unexpected seclusion is somewhatOne of my darkest dreams—To breathe the scent of detachment.To be separate. To be far. There’s a vile joy in this solitude.My soul giggles in dirty laughter—Am I evil? And the laughter continues. Closed doors. Locked gates.Guarded streets. Empty roads.Aren’t those my friends? Idle hours.Continue reading “Dangerous Happiness – Onie Maniego (Paper Drafts)”

Brewing Storms – Onie Maniego

Maybe he brewed his storms at nightSo he could pour it cold tomorrow—Like his blanket covering the stars,In the morning it would be gray.The raging fires will be his comfortSo he’d be asleep amidst the chaos. Photo by Terry Jung on Unsplash© 2020 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts https://thepaperdrafts.wordpress.com/