structural haunt – one round corner

It hangs there often ignored now. Just a pier. Something from a bygone era. Ships no longer dock at it. Only a few scavengers haunt it now. A lone fisherman waits in the fog. Barely existing in the forefront of anyone’s mind. But it is back there. In the deepest fog. Haunting minds with itsContinue reading “structural haunt – one round corner”

untitled night – one round corner a frayed shirt hangs still in the window thought I had forgotten that moment from yesterday a silhouette of oak climbs up the glass frame of a moonlit eye a color so shallow jumps out of the pane yet so deep it leaps back behind the space it fills with its strange delight andContinue reading “untitled night – one round corner”

mind jelly – one round corner scattered on the old river flakes of light flutter in the breeze like passing thoughts a seed finds purchase in such barren ground some crust as thin as an eggshell divides waters details flutter in the belly of the mind, why? for more from this deep diver, click on over:

dance obscura – one round corner light dances on memory’s floor counter-movements shift from body to shadow gestures transfer code the dancer becomes emulsion for other floors for more from this author, please click here: