With Guitar in Hand – Robert Okaji

https://robertokaji.com/ With Guitar in Hand for Stephanie With guitar in hand I observe the green beetles bumbling about,the way they careen and crash and flail aimlessly, but to a purpose. Sometimes I attempt one note, only to strike another, or pluckingthree strings simultaneously, focus on the discordant one, which is, of course, me. How doContinue reading “With Guitar in Hand – Robert Okaji”

Sleepless – Roberk Ojaki

Sleepless One night exhausts another,layering sheets and blankets,wrinkles and folds. Oh, thebody wants to still the mind,and shedding this weight,float freely through the night.Your memory of sleep’s touchwithers as you lie there,absorbing the fan’s pattern.How wonderful, then, to finallydrift across the room and settlein that relaxed corner, among thecobwebs and shadows and thosefrustrated hours nowContinue reading “Sleepless – Roberk Ojaki”

Glass with Memory – Robert Okaji

really enjoyed this. I’ve lost many memories to the glass. – GG Glass with Memory When I remember youglass comes to mind,but nothing so transparentas an unclothed thought or warmth trickling inthrough the pipes orunder the haze ofthe second night’s sheet, no two alike exceptin appearance, but underthe lamp’s unconscious glareI find warmth spreading acrossContinue reading “Glass with Memory – Robert Okaji”