stages – just another girl

where is he now,she wondersthe first boy who kissed her cheek?they were fiveso unsuspectingof the havoc that kiss would wreak ‘n whateverhappened tothe first boy who carried her books?so brave,with his steamed-up glassesblue plaid coat with metal hooks she always smileswhen she remembersthe boy whose virginity she tookthose lustfulteenaged kisseshis shocked, delighted look neverhas sheContinue reading “stages – just another girl”

kid – makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)

I want to be a kid again,not a Toys r Us kid, they’re all gone,or bicycle Warped tour kid,that old thing’s rusting in the lawn.Nothing special, just snow on the tongue when what little snow comes.I’ll be waiting next year, enduring the fraught summer sun.Masked strangers masquerading as neighbors. Always did like the fall.Leaves falling,Continue reading “kid – makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)”