The dialogue of life – My Valiant Soul

The dialogues of life, cold and tiny making my bosom collapse at night, with white nakedness of velvet sky and the paper sniffing my skin, a hard yawn of the afternoon, a dark spot on the skin- The dialogue of life to my springs, to my sharp scandal of the eye. This it. This isContinue reading “The dialogue of life – My Valiant Soul”

Imaginations – My Valiant Soul

online at: For i see a tree behind a house made of cloudsa slow whisper entrapped beneath the soilthat never moves an incha state of wellness only getting harrowedwe livelike a static voice losing the soft cotton-like warmtheach day where the bells pause to chime.We come across rooms full of stars and nightsand thingsContinue reading “Imaginations – My Valiant Soul”

Oranges – My Valiant Soul There is a way to eat fruits.The bites, cuts, peeling discloses a lot about the process,about manifestations, prayers. The layers are a cryptic code,defining a particular gender.What do you name Oranges?A blossom of Goddess or the sweat of a man? The tender skin hides the juicesof fervor and desires step 1: Do not gulpContinue reading “Oranges – My Valiant Soul”

the face of a woman – My Valiant Soul I imagine the day like a face of a woman,the mornings so much definedwith exposures and brightness,polaroids of crimson skyand the heaviness comes like her mind,i can paint this lady on my canvas, yawns in the afternoons,doping shadowswatching the food vividly left in the kitchenshe knows nobodybut a raisin stuck to her mouth TheContinue reading “the face of a woman – My Valiant Soul”

Beginning – My Valiant Soul

the sun is a quiet watcherabsorbing walls of sins i produceand so I sit here on the groundsso cold and mutelistening, the squealing voices of birds.The sky that paints a web of corollaryabout things lost and things preserved. the nights abandon my grief toothey have pockets full of primrosesand a chipped river flowing,I do notContinue reading “Beginning – My Valiant Soul”

The Lovers – My Valiant Soul Walls of the air do not crackas there exist our stories lingering across the streets.Our thin cucumber bodies/ oiled between a decade of romancespeak nothing but of arid lips and concave lustThe brooding sniff of the moonto sink between my large womb.She often speaks to me of you.Your abstract ways of unraveling thingsbehind theContinue reading “The Lovers – My Valiant Soul”

The mind of a Poet – My Valiant Soul I have this indigo skyline infront of me,expanding the vastnessi put my thoughts about it into my blood.not swallowing it down to my veinsi have thoughts about thoughts,my pale tea leaves dissolving so fervently into the water,the sorbet pouring down the jug till the rim creaks i have you in my mind now,sipping myContinue reading “The mind of a Poet – My Valiant Soul”

Sketch in noon – My Valiant Soul I sit in the open lawna lawn full of earth and skeptic memoirsthe scattered Congregation of unskewed mind.I see a mushroom sprouting here in the garden,the thick shoots clinging another.Co-existence must be a plaster?And then I hear the temple bells,altogether, the sound similar to my mother’s laughter.but there are other moments occurring in theContinue reading “Sketch in noon – My Valiant Soul”

Elements – My Valiant Soul

An old saying I recite,mapping the distance of my chest to my thighs,sipping hot tea,the typical Indian aroma,the distinctive sniff which makes your crawl  your mind,to rummage through the orange teal box of old photographs,the box of stoic flushed postcards.It happens in a minute.A sky so distant and full of grays.The mountains from the Space.DryContinue reading “Elements – My Valiant Soul”

The slip- My Valiant Soul

Is it still there?The sound of trespassers,of purple rains and sweet smell. A cloud that swings words up in the skya hardened shell of a life,There is a beautiful cottage that I see in my dreamsfull of centipedes, vintage mahogany chairs.A sound travels me up therein between the unreal beauty of soil. Life unfurls inContinue reading “The slip- My Valiant Soul”