Fire – Luke Otley (My Troubled Mind)

I heave up another lungfulof gulped down starsand margarita moon (behind: a guitar plinks and ripples and twangs,a weighty glass knocks its contents over wood) and I blow hardagain, into the heartof the fire sending asheddying nightwardlike gravity goneTimes Square snow it lands on my arms, hands, fingers, my face – it’s as coolas myContinue reading “Fire – Luke Otley (My Troubled Mind)”

Buckshot – Luke Otley (My Troubled Mind)

She took her thingsthat lined the shelves, they leftholes in the dustlike buckshotin a stag’s flank. These shapesand their brazen absencewould have killedme if I were you, and it’s funnysix months ago it was, and yet alreadyit’s as if it happened to someone else, like when you hear about an oldschool friend t-bonedby a drunkdriverContinue reading “Buckshot – Luke Otley (My Troubled Mind)”

Water Glass Moth – Luke Otley (My Troubled Mind)

You cling to my finger like a newborn.The same weight that clogged your engines and draggedyou down to drown now bucklesyou tight to the safety raft.The irony is not lost on me. I slide you off onto the windowsill, the suncrashes in like the lord and saviour through stained-glassand you rest there, antennas crooked eitherContinue reading “Water Glass Moth – Luke Otley (My Troubled Mind)”

Rockpools – Luke Otley

By the seathe urge to screamdrains awaylike the tidefrom the rockpools. Of courseit will return againbut for now you can danceabove it, leap from peakto peak, toe the harmlesspuddles that remainand smile, watching the gulls fly abreast, in linelow across the waterlike shallow-breathed search partiescombing moonlit fieldsfor pencil cases, schoolbooks,underwear. for more from this author,Continue reading “Rockpools – Luke Otley”