Storm – Sundaram Chauhan

A storm is coming they warn. Stay put. Stay in. But, it cannot be more devastating than the one already raging inside me tearing me apart shred by bloody shred. So I step out. © 2020 Sundaram Chauhan Image Source: Pinterest online at:

My Peace – Sundaram Chauhan (My Short Stories & Thoughts)

Starting from scratch yet again Why do I keep falling back to zero Was so far ahead so fast that they declared I was a hero There perhaps dear God is something you want me to know But I only wish you’d use a kinder way than pushing me so low Each time I lookedContinue reading “My Peace – Sundaram Chauhan (My Short Stories & Thoughts)”

Poisoned Fruits – Sundaram Chauhan (of My Short Stories and Thoughts)

Strange are the ways of nature. While the sweet nourishing fruits get plucked away at the peak of their youth the poisonous ones hang snug among their kin nurtured kindly till their very last breath. © Sundaram Chauhan Image Credits: