First Blush – Yas Khan Sun flares into the sapphire My canvas rushes to capture Birds flying through wands of gold, grey Language of rainbow wings Strength in wild of day Divine comes through Connecting Heartbeats Sun warms aura of my consciousness Adorning wisdom in my heart I bleed in this odyssey Where tears turn to diamonds A jeweledContinue reading “First Blush – Yas Khan”

Swing Over the City

swingin’ tall over thebustlin’ rush of innercity’s dizzy bees, hive’s all lit up, somuch nothin’to see, but what lurks upthere lightin’me? and am i bright ’nuff orjust someone else’snothin’ muchto see? image: Pixabay (some very gifted artist) image:

"Luminous" – Nyana Nair The night doesn’t quite reach my land.There are columns and mountains of lightthat my people have given themselves to. I never roll down my windows.There is a scent of death in the air.I don’t want to rememberhow burning is painful. In my mind I run towards the memoriesof my perspective correction classes.I pick outContinue reading “"Luminous" – Nyana Nair”

Minor Tigers – B Gourley

Minor tigers fighting for air.This one? That one? The world don’t care. All the pretty ponies prancing,showing tribal styles of dancing. All the while the world is burning’cause of minor tiger yearnings. for more from the ‘!n(tro)verted yogi’click here: image:

I shall do – indishe

Like a sea in tempest,My soul reverberated with plans,Daring and dull, Steering my life’s hull.Drifting through untested seas,Enigmatic,Unknown. Taming the tempests, Battling my stars,I surfaced ahead in a frenzy untold A zombie caught in its vicious hold.Weathered and weary,Wanting a respite,All I desired was to stand and stare I ran around and aroundBut nothing wasContinue reading “I shall do – indishe”

What You Do?

life doesn’t justhappen at you, life’s sculpted by whatyou choose or choosenot to do, what and who you chooseor refuse to push and what you push ordon’t push yourselfthrough. and if life just doesn’thappen for you, there’s no one to pinflatline on, but you i’m sorry if truth hurtsto hear, my love, but it’s aContinue reading “What You Do?”

Smile – Otrazhenie

A smile is quite a funny thingIt wrinkles up your faceAnd when it’s gone, you’ll never findIts secret hiding placeBut far more wonderful it isTo see what smiles can doYou smile at one, she smiles at youAnd so one smile makes two He smiles at someone, since you smileAnd then that one smiles backAnd thatContinue reading “Smile – Otrazhenie”

butterflies – cnw

The newness and inspiration can be overwhelming in anything. Forget thinking about what ifs and consequences, let’s just act. Create art that doesn’t need explaining or a backstory. The kind of atmosphere that isn’t so serious and stupid. I want the kind of feelings I got when I first fell in love. The butterflies thatContinue reading “butterflies – cnw”

a fixed reflection – one round corner

The camera compresses the world into a frame. The transitory becomes fixed in an illusion. Smoke trapped underwater. Cloud textures trapped in rocks. The horizon is a stroke of ink, or a line of difference, drawn by the camera’s position. As my consciousness defines what I see, have I not become the calm of aContinue reading “a fixed reflection – one round corner”