Ode to the Fallen Trees – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)

Cedar, a paradox of the forest.His soul resembles a cotton—Light, soft, and sweet,But his strength defeats floods.Spruce, he is what I am.Weak to build a fort,But his leaves, bark and rootsCure the dying souls.Pine, a scent of turpentine.Bathe in elixirs of life—Come give birth to homes,But die in the wrath of time.Fir, like hermits inContinue reading “Ode to the Fallen Trees – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)”

Making Beauty (The Beholder Knows)

“A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark.” -Chinese Proverb Every word I read on WP is shared here with good intention to pass along words of encouragement or healing or spur on thought. To have us look beyond ourselves and see others. To imagine a worldContinue reading “Making Beauty (The Beholder Knows)”

Finding a Place of Refuge

I go to my garden refuge When I need a healing salve To cover the wounds inside me From old losses that I have.   I smell the sweet honeysuckle That grows on the back yard fence, And the flowers that bloom in summer Keep me in a state of suspense.   Many colors ofContinue reading “Finding a Place of Refuge”

Heart Beats —Linda Lee Lyberg

Adorned with my colorful mask I venture out into the world among strangers I am startled by the sound of not only my own voice And theirs… Must they speak so loud? Are they shouting, or have I Grown accustomed to the subtle silence I live with each passing day But for the melodious songContinue reading “Heart Beats —Linda Lee Lyberg”

Motif Lately —Daniel Paul Marshall

Motif Lately   The bloated bleating, cross-wired metonym. A chasm, chiasmus;—this stainless steel fork & knife for splitting pictures of a body. Folds & creases in zoom, gorges—the eyeball, scrupulous, dilated pupils: Earth from space, cocooned in the milk of gods—a lukewarm swab to rim the eyes, crusty rheum scooped out; the thankless trees, becomeContinue reading “Motif Lately —Daniel Paul Marshall”

if the bullets touch you, you die. —Shreya Vikram

The kids in the pool raise their toy guns to the sky and fire water, which falls back on them in teardrops.    Each drop catches the light and reflects, a thousand shards of rainbows.    One of the children throws their head back and sings: it’s raining, it’s raining here while the other says: if the bulletsContinue reading “if the bullets touch you, you die. —Shreya Vikram”


https://rsciipher.wordpress.com/ ≡ TODAY The shadow’s emptiness,Soon gets an open letter.We are a mere first guess,Counting to a little better. But, the darkness is out,And yes, it’s here to stay.A sun is far, unlike doubt,There is no… “Yesterday”. Remember the memories. © RICARDO SEXTON Make-A-Donation RS REVIIVER for more tragic and esoteric connotes, click this link, please: https://rsciipher.wordpress.com/

Violently Beautiful – Mvadi

https://mvadi.wordpress.com/ Let there be No sadness and Let there be No light. This is my way Of letting go of The love I never thought Would die. This is my way Of finally letting myself Come alive, A second time. Alone in the night, Blinded by a new light. I stand in the middle OfContinue reading “Violently Beautiful – Mvadi”