Ouroboros —Erik Shinker

Do I just reiterate the same sentiments? Over and over and over again. An ouroboros devouring himself in an infinite, revolving wheel. This serpent’s tail is more venomous than its teeth. The end and beginning in self-same destruction. by Erik Shinker Read more —Perpetually Past Due Who have us has not felt this sentiment? AContinue reading “Ouroboros —Erik Shinker”

One More Day – Keith Garrett

ONE MORE DAY Am I dreaming, selfish to expect or assume another chance, A breath, watching the sunrise to a brand new day, see and be. Why do I believe that my time is forever, but what may forever contain, Is forever now, another moment, another day is so much to ask for. One moreContinue reading “One More Day – Keith Garrett”

I Heard Myself – The Human Anvil

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ I heard myself,Through passing prose of life,In random echoes unending,World’s single rhyme,Each pause in time.I heard myself,Matching morning’s croon,In silent noon,Tuning strings of Brooks,Counting steps that took,A different turn. I remember, the warmth of your handThe feel of your fingers, like embers,That winter night,When you held me first,Like marionette,Strings leashed to your lashes,As youContinue reading “I Heard Myself – The Human Anvil”

in the hammock -Jennifer Walker

https://espressostain.wordpress.com/ in the hammock i can sway i sway with the breeze and listen to the birds and the squirrels and to the people raking leaves the cars rushing by to get home i am still as the world moves fast time is still for me and i am at peace no worries follow meContinue reading “in the hammock -Jennifer Walker”

Tomorrow When I Wake Up – Vishal Dutia

Tomorrow when I wake upI’ll start my day with a smileI’ll do the thingsI wanted to do for a while I’ll disclaim my phoneand talk to my mother insteadI’ll tell her my dreamsand let go of my biggest regrets I’ll forgive everyonewhoever hurt meI’ll ask God for forgivenessI’ll beg on my knees I’ll work onContinue reading “Tomorrow When I Wake Up – Vishal Dutia”