Consequential Circumstance | The Vision of Poets

i am afraid that i will forget days as soon as i live them so i make lists to force myself to live to force myself to remember that i did live (that i was alive) (because is it really living, this?) recoding everything i have ever done like it has any meaning at allContinue reading “Consequential Circumstance | The Vision of Poets”

Spreading Wings | The Vision of Poets

Spreading Wings It’s hard to feel the words When you are dying Locked inside the vault Of your own skin It’s hard to reach for verses When your arms can’t reach for grace While DNR’s lie inked Beneath the pen It’s hard to find the rhyme Inside the rainfall Locked within the pain That fogsContinue reading “Spreading Wings | The Vision of Poets”

Music of Nature —Ashu Write

I was standing on the beach lost among the ocean, in the between the woods losing myself to the wind’s moton. the waves rising and coming to me and returning back in the deep sea, I’m looking for the music maybe like the flowers from bee. if the clouds may pass over the sheet ofContinue reading “Music of Nature —Ashu Write”

The Kindness Award – Intellectual Shaman (Poetry for Finding the Meaning in the Madness)

A Man in his Apartment is staring at the city where the night notices things a motorcycle cruising along a quiet street making sound muted during the day We need disruption things that don’t go our way mysteries so we have something to puzzle over Kindness is not threatening so it rarely ever wins butContinue reading “The Kindness Award – Intellectual Shaman (Poetry for Finding the Meaning in the Madness)”

Caught in the Net —Samantha Harris

Caught in the Net – Polypropylene Mesh My anger today will not go away It is so hard to live Every movement a reminder of what they did People assume choice They only listen to their same voice Paint me with the colours that they know Advice to look outside Oh, that wondrous place, TheContinue reading “Caught in the Net —Samantha Harris”

Ode to the Fallen Trees – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)

Cedar, a paradox of the forest.His soul resembles a cotton—Light, soft, and sweet,But his strength defeats floods.Spruce, he is what I am.Weak to build a fort,But his leaves, bark and rootsCure the dying souls.Pine, a scent of turpentine.Bathe in elixirs of life—Come give birth to homes,But die in the wrath of time.Fir, like hermits inContinue reading “Ode to the Fallen Trees – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)”