A Cheese Omelet at Midnight – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)

A Cheese Omelet at Midnight You can’t ever leave without saying something,no matter how insipid. That sweater looks goodon you. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I’m sorryI burned the omelet. Nasdaq has plunged 3%  since last week. And I, in return, can’t let you go withoutreplying in equal measure. It matches your eyes. I loveto smell rain inContinue reading “A Cheese Omelet at Midnight – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)”

At The Edge – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)

Kim at dVerse has invited us to write a quadrille (44 words) including the word eavesdropping. dVerse Poets – Quadrille – What’s That Rustling In The Eaves? “Ecstasy is the accurate term for the intensity of consciousness that occurs in the creative act.” Rollo May At The Edge Eve was gently dropping words into the soft airContinue reading “At The Edge – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)”

The Bitter Celebrates – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)

https://robertokaji.com/ The Bitter Celebrates Mention gateways and mythologiesand I see openings to pathsbetter left unseen. No choice is choice,but preparation leads us astray as well.Take this bitter leaf.Call it arugula.Call it rocket.Call it colewort or weed.Dress it with oil and vinegar,with garlic and lemon.Add tomato, salt. Though you try to conceal it,the bitterness remains. ButContinue reading “The Bitter Celebrates – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)”

mind jelly – one round corner

https://oneroundcorner.com/ scattered on the old river flakes of light flutter in the breeze like passing thoughts a seed finds purchase in such barren ground some crust as thin as an eggshell divides waters details flutter in the belly of the mind, why? for more from this deep diver, click on over: https://oneroundcorner.com/