shubun ~ equinox – s.s. (Mindfills)

stars put together a celestial surprise my little beings * when on earth and sky a momentous magic wand spells an equinox * welcoming seasons night wakes in wonder wishing you sparkling new days * Written with all my love for R and D my son and daughter…  both born on an equinox. 22nd SeptemberContinue reading “shubun ~ equinox – s.s. (Mindfills)”

in the end ~ a decima – s.s. (Mindfills)

We’re just a moment in the end having played the cards we were dealt with joy and grace and love we felt as our time and space and life blend and small voices in our heads wend chanting I am a museum full of art, and a deck full of music hearts but is thereContinue reading “in the end ~ a decima – s.s. (Mindfills)”

is it ~ solo renga – s.s. (Mindfills)

Is it always me sipping on fizzy iced dreams while the world treadmills * seasons whizz past butter cups warbling white eye drinks it in *** Mindfills by s.s. ~ a Solo Renga for Reena’s exploration challenge is it always me Colleen Cheesebro’s informative piece  on Solo Renga. Thank you Colleen. I learnt something new  Ronovan writes Haiku challengeContinue reading “is it ~ solo renga – s.s. (Mindfills)”