BLINK AND YOU WILL MISS ME – Mike Steeden blink and you will miss memethe old fool I exist in this momentas do you my friendtoo soonboth you and Iwill be the dustof cosmic stormsour purposewhatever it may have beenas unsure of itselfand as mysticalas in the now before longwe shall say adieuto our memoriesfor memorieshave no substancethey are not ofthe carbon matterofContinue reading “BLINK AND YOU WILL MISS ME – Mike Steeden”

How Strong the Woman -Mike Steeden

How strong the woman, how frail the man He chanced upon her dressingShe had got so far astights and knicker elastic allowedNaught else As is her wayA private conferenceWith the unborn babe in her bellyTelling him toGet his act togetherAnd show up or fuck off She turns about face‘Oh it’s you’He beamsTells her just howContinue reading “How Strong the Woman -Mike Steeden”