do you hear them too? – hazel meadows

there are some times when creative voices have quieted sitting silent gathering momentum and I languish wondering when they will speak again instructing my hand harboring my heart and helping clear my head I need them they soften me and stir my soul and I owe it to them to always listen for more fromContinue reading “do you hear them too? – hazel meadows”

Micropoetry #36 – Varnika Jain (Moonlighting Scrivener)

I’d pour you an entire ocean today If you were but thirsty for poetry Alas! You’d only let it spill Till the last drop bleeds out of me for more words cast in the pale light, click on over:

Neuroscience – Frank Regan Fire fly, spark of life,Flames of intellectThoughts alight.Winged beauty dancing,This electricity,Crucible of life. © 2020 | Frank Regan, All rights reserved at: