Bright Lights #whatdoyousee- michnavs

why is it my love thatwhen i look at youi see light,like i’ve never seenit beforewhy is it my love thatmy worldhas turned into blueas i hold your handsdearly and gentlyin the silenceof my dreamsand my mutedmemorieswhereare allthe brightlightsmy love? (For visually challenged reader, the image shows a woodland scene, where blue butterflies are sittingContinue reading “Bright Lights #whatdoyousee- michnavs”

Loneliness on a Flowerbed – michnavs

I sat on the grassin a mountain of a beautiful illusionof white petaled roses and dazzling marigoldsI watched the world,with agonizing pain in my heart,crumble, disintegrateand tumble down I waited for a momentwhen things would be the sameback in the days when we could hugand kiss and gather andnever be charged and neverbe scared IContinue reading “Loneliness on a Flowerbed – michnavs”

Come, Sit With Me (my princess) – michnavs

come sit with melet’s talk ’bouthow things used to bewhen the world was betterand things were nicerwhen a walk in the beachalongside a crowdwas full of funbumping at each othermaking new friendsalong the waywhen watchingthe sun setwas so much joywhile arguing as whohad the best shotor who capturedthe raging red orange colortransitioned into a softpaleContinue reading “Come, Sit With Me (my princess) – michnavs”

I Love you Gently as Snowflakes – michnavs

i love you gentlyas snowflakes tumblethrough the air,swirling and spiraling,each takingdifferent paths to the groundfinding gloriously a special spottransforming, creatingnew beginnings I love you gentlyas snowflakes tricklethe groundtwirling and spinningas i find my wayunto your heart defying thy gravitymelting in your arms softlyand affectionately I love you gently as snowflakes P.S.For  Gina  who loves snowFor Eugenia’s Weekly PromptContinue reading “I Love you Gently as Snowflakes – michnavs”

Rain – michnavs rain falls gentlylike my own poetryeach drop, a syllablea sweet verse of love each one is a melodyof songs of thoughtsof dreams of ever afterand of love comforting dead air silencelast drop of raina fading memoryof a distant promise just memoriesof many summers agothen all is stillsummer is still for more from this inspirationalContinue reading “Rain – michnavs”

Stay – michnavs

don’t stay for rainbows and butterflies and starsstay even for the thunderstorms and the waves and the hurricanes don’t stay for the smiles and the laugthers and the joysstay even for the tears and sorrows and tribulations don’t stay for the love and the care and the understandingstay even for the indifference and the hateContinue reading “Stay – michnavs”