Where you will find me – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

Look out overThe shimmering sea,It’s the placewhere you’ll find me. The sea is wheremy heart resides,you’ll hear it as I standby your side. I may only beyour invisible friend,but I’ll always be there,even in the end. Reach out your hand,and you’ll find mine.Our hearts and soulsforever entwined. © 2020 Michelle Cook online at: https://herwritinghaven.com/ PhotoContinue reading “Where you will find me – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”

Among the wildflowers – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

Among the wildflowersI laid my heart bareSpeaking to myselfBut imagining you there Your eyes stared backHungry with needAs I spilled the wordsMy heart ached to bleed You felt the fireUnderneath my dressAs I searched for heartstringsEmbedded on my chest You fueled my flameWith your incessant desireAnd I couldn’t hold backFrom what you’d inspired I gaveContinue reading “Among the wildflowers – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”

There I was – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

https://herwritinghaven.com/ There I was,a tarnished piece of nothingness,just another fowl crumb of an existence,with all the potential of a rain gutter,yet still, you chose me. You unearthed my shameful souland held me lovingly in the palm of your hand.Then, after peeling away mounds of corroded debris,I was no longer a piece of blackened chaff. Instead,Continue reading “There I was – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”

Just thinking.. – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

https://herwritinghaven.com/ I’m thinking about people today,some of the ones I knowand some I don’t.And I wonder why there are some,who never seem to respond,while others are just so willingto give everything.I have days when I can’t speakbecause I feel like everythingwill just come out wrong.Do you ever have days like that?Sometimes I just wantto beContinue reading “Just thinking.. – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”

Pep Talk – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

https://herwritinghaven.com/ Been caught upin an expeditious experimentA plethora of knowledgeAnd facts These things whirl around meSenseless thingsMeaningless and trivialThings I do not wish to know And I struggle with mediocrityWithout the faintest ideaOf why any of this is importantAlways falling short of my peers This newfound lingoIs just so discombobulatingPiercing my young fleshWith worthlessUncreative filthContinue reading “Pep Talk – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”

you seem different lately – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

https://herwritinghaven.com/ You seem different latelyResolvedLike you won’t dare budgeBecause whatever it isThat thing you’ve decidedYou’re now insteadResoluteThat’s exactly what you areAnd it’s interestingBecause I thought you were doingJust fineYou know – the way you were beforeFunny thing isYou’d never admitYou’ve changedThat you’re anything differentThan what you’ve always beenBut I see throughAll that nonsensical jibber jabberAndContinue reading “you seem different lately – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”

the lonely one – Michelle Cook

https://herwritinghaven.com/ Thinking of you todayand I ask myself this…How can anyone be lonelywhen they have a million friends?But I suppose it’s more than thatisn’t it?It’s the foundationthe connectednessthe secret loyalties among confidences.All these things matterin order to gauge the true value of a friend.And sadlywithout the right combinationour state of lonelinessis never very far away.Continue reading “the lonely one – Michelle Cook”

The way love is… – Michelle Cook

https://herwritinghaven.com/ We can love with all we’ve gotAnd we can give our hearts awayBut that doesn’t necessarily meanThat the ones we love will stay And sometimes there are peopleWho just can’t love you backNo matter what we say or doThere’s something that they lack And maybe it’s becauseSome people just can’t seeThe importance of aContinue reading “The way love is… – Michelle Cook”

I prevail – Michelle Cook

https://herwritinghaven.com/ As my eyes openThe light deflects my thoughtsLike insects they scurry awayLeaving a trail of unfinished reflections This is why I write so much betterWhen I’m on the verge of dreamingIn darkness and seclusionIs where most of my ideas are born Just like the vast oceansTeeming with animals we’ve never seenSo it is theContinue reading “I prevail – Michelle Cook”

He’s like the wind – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

https://herwritinghaven.com/ ThereThen goneBack againThen gone againThe cycle never endsI can’t catch himKeep himMake him stayHe’s like the windThrough outstretched armsI come back emptyEvery time © 2020 Michelle Cook get more a’ Michelle’s fine Cookin’ at: https://herwritinghaven.com/