Consequential Circumstance | The Vision of Poets

i am afraid that i will forget days as soon as i live them so i make lists to force myself to live to force myself to remember that i did live (that i was alive) (because is it really living, this?) recoding everything i have ever done like it has any meaning at allContinue reading “Consequential Circumstance | The Vision of Poets”

Poems Upon the Pond -Michael33

There were poems Upon the pond Rhymes across the river Vestal verses Too close To the fire… Parchment singed In the silence Of words unspoken Pens full of ink Fractured by time Untouched By human hands Yet poetry still lingers In the breeze Through the branches Of the willow In songs Of the sparrow WithContinue reading “Poems Upon the Pond -Michael33”

Walking in the Shadows – Michael 33 (The Vision of Poets)

Perhaps you have not seen meRound the corners of your smileNor crouched beneath the fire escapeTo ponder life awhile For I have lingered far too longIn narrow alley waysDespondent lines across my faceLike hardened potter’s clay Walking in the shadows bareOf reasons for the rainPerhaps you saw me standing thereEntangled in the chains For IContinue reading “Walking in the Shadows – Michael 33 (The Vision of Poets)”

Beyond the Hungered Canvas – Michael33 (The Vision of Poets) The colors all ran togetherA masterpieceDrippingTo the floorLike spilt milkOn yesterday’s dreamsWhere rhymesAre but a memoryAnd nary an open handCan riseAbove the quicksandYet…The masterpieceRemains foreverIn the thoughts of the artistConceptions of all that is beautifulIn huesThat only sheHas imagined…She still can seeThe heather fieldsBeyond the hungered canvassThe sculpture still intactOn potter’s wheel –But sheContinue reading “Beyond the Hungered Canvas – Michael33 (The Vision of Poets)”

Fate Still Takes It’s Breath —Michael33

I suppose it doesn’t matter If it rhymes Life is full of circumstance The hourglass of time Though hands may sometimes Reach across the veil to touch the heart Fate… Is still the final work of art I suppose it doesn’t matter In the dawn If yesterday stood face to face Cross lines that hadContinue reading “Fate Still Takes It’s Breath —Michael33”

go ahead…open it

Go ahead and open itIt’s just a can of wormsPerhaps you can feedThe fish or the birdsOr watchThe children squirm There’s no instructionsOf how to prepareListed on the sideOf the labelSo go aheadAnd pop the lidWhile they’re allSittin’ round the table It’s well past dueThey face the truthAnd read the wordsYou scrawlThey’ve lived their livesWithContinue reading “go ahead…open it”

Awaiting a Crack in the Darkness — Michael33

I watched to the east Awaiting a crack In the darkness Yet dawn still lingered Beyond the horizon As if darkness was All that there was And light was nothing more Than something imagined Yet I still remember the time When light chased the shadows Down the alleyways From neath the fire escapes From coldContinue reading “Awaiting a Crack in the Darkness — Michael33”