Poisoned Fruits – Sundaram Chauhan (of My Short Stories and Thoughts)

Strange are the ways of nature. While the sweet nourishing fruits get plucked away at the peak of their youth the poisonous ones hang snug among their kin nurtured kindly till their very last breath. © Sundaram Chauhan Image Credits: worldatlas.com

Q-tips – Reaching Joy

https://reachingjoythree.wordpress.com/ Q-tips feel good when I scratch inside my ear, try to find what’s living in there. Is it guilt for being “the golden child,” my sister running away to the Hewitt playground because of the dark shadow behind me? Maybe it’s associations, trauma, changing the narrative as a practice, taking gentle effort, taking time?Continue reading “Q-tips – Reaching Joy”

Supernatural Sowing Season – Intellectual Shaman

Ordinary Confidence is not enough and when I make things bigger I can’t ride the wave Everybody wants some until the fall So, we must believe there is an angel inside walking through fields under the weary sun until the devil comes out at night blowing our seeds away Maybe we planted them like lostContinue reading “Supernatural Sowing Season – Intellectual Shaman”