You and poems – mermaid (a.mermaid’spen)

Distance between wordsis our home. I hang my words on thered thread around your neckand everytime I look at youit reminds me of the factthat my poems and you are one,Talking about chillsI never met anyone like you, none. Your smile reminds me of the skyunder which we first met,and the summer breezetake me backContinue reading “You and poems – mermaid (a.mermaid’spen)”

Hope – Mermaid

It’s raining almost every second day,and I’m learning to bloom from the earth,From life less branches to bed of dead leaves,something inside of me is telling me to know my worth. Sun is always shining over mountainsstill, there is this darkness in the woods,dripping down the lifeless branchesin a way only hope could. My mindContinue reading “Hope – Mermaid”

Clichés – Mermaid

You asked what I have to offer? Well nothing much. Few poetries, painted potsand your sketches oncoffee dipped sheets.Weird music, witty remarksand book storesof nearby streets. Few jars of nutella,breakfast dates,And wind chimeson your gates. We both knowI’m not going to stay.I promise not to leaveyour world, pale and grey. You’ll start to know metaphorsmaybeContinue reading “Clichés – Mermaid”