silence – Melody Chen (heartbeatingwings)

you call me on the phonecrying, because you do not think you are a good personthey said we could be anything but we chose to be silentand it is so beautiful to be alivebut only until a man is just a bodyuntil our taped lips kiss the motionless chestuntil teeth grind the tongue into aContinue reading “silence – Melody Chen (heartbeatingwings)”

falling is a circle – Melody Chen

suppose you had chosen to diveheadfirst into the vacuummade of his silencecushioning the fall withall the reasons you love yourselfuntil he decides to take themfor himselfhis promises never staying long enough for a full moonwhittling away your wordsdragging your voice through the waterleaving you empty-handed, weighing like the morning aftera vivid dreamhim kissing you, youContinue reading “falling is a circle – Melody Chen”

red flag – Melody Chen tell me how this is faira forgotten crop during harvest seasonthe only one to still care aftereveryone has gone homecall her the last one standing & it will seem likeit was meant to be like this, notout of abandonment becausei loved your sunsetsenough, to forgetthe night we folded into immediately aftera javelin thrown intoContinue reading “red flag – Melody Chen”