Autumn – Shubhi Rawat

What a paradoxical fall! Here the bleak and blustery nights Are drenched in this thought In this charade of a bliss You carry the attire of deception Always chanting for an electrifying connection When your lips touch another No warmth Just a never ending emptiness to bear One after the other Days passes by, ThisContinue reading “Autumn – Shubhi Rawat”

autumn – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)

squander red rockalone the ladyand darknessto the tidesdislocate Apollo,to pares of boneswed to grief;I shatter likethe blue mooninto fall’s handsin the fingertipsof flowers that were not mine& ghost planetsand shiversreserved to thedeath of the apple,and baby’s dream. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. online at: Written for this week’s Go Dog Go Prompt: into fall’sContinue reading “autumn – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)”

Empty Cafe – Jennifer Walker (espresso stain) I’m sitting in the empty cafe sipping on a warm latte a sad sad is playing through the speakers I don’t often crave human interaction but today I miss the chatter of their voices I miss the energy in the room somehow my latte tastes of melancholy for more espresso stained, click here: