Life — Kamakhya

I asked death is there death? death said.. No. there is life. death only separates life, in different strata! Death is amidst and within life, everyday, everywhere, in pursuit of hatred Jealousy and greed! Virtue is passion for compassion Vice is being instrumental of inflicting pains, to others! @ Kamakhya Read more thoughts of Kamakhya

Rush —Mark Ryan

Humbled, caught in such rapture. Clinging to joy like a root to a tree. No longer myself, yet loved still. Understanding fate’s anatomy. Chaos now silenced, calm like a church. We pray in the days that unfold. Burning them fully like candle wicks of life. Threatened each day by the wind that is blowing. FromContinue reading “Rush —Mark Ryan”

Awaiting a Crack in the Darkness — Michael33

I watched to the east Awaiting a crack In the darkness Yet dawn still lingered Beyond the horizon As if darkness was All that there was And light was nothing more Than something imagined Yet I still remember the time When light chased the shadows Down the alleyways From neath the fire escapes From coldContinue reading “Awaiting a Crack in the Darkness — Michael33”