Veiled – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)

Maybe it was all too much.This veil pulls me down.This earth pushes me up.Bones as thin as china.Will as strong as Russia.What religion should I wear?Which god was I trying to please?Watch me as this orthodox trips into sunlight.Unbuckled and strewn about like papers on a desk.Write my name on everything you see.For I shallContinue reading “Veiled – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)”

Extirpate<Amalgamate – Mary Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)

Stand in the middle of the wreckage.The galaxy of regrets wash at your feet.All open fields.The tidal pull within you, feasting on black waves of idealism.You bring your dreams to god.Such food for a hungry beast.The wind washes away, the dirt and decay of mountainous failure.And who really cared. Who really cried over forgotten chances?TheContinue reading “Extirpate<Amalgamate – Mary Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)”

Quiescent – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)

She tried to save him on that day.That day, when the coffee stained sky folded.She reached out in her own way.Only for her hands to turn to stone.And her mind to dust.A cruel trick of fate positioned her.To watch his demise from such a vantage point of safety.Silenced in an eternal knowing.While a tempest ragedContinue reading “Quiescent – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)”

Persistence of the unforgetting – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)

Sunken deep like forgotten wrecks.A hate that broods, contorts and flex.This grudge is old and just like oil.Black with time, and within me coils.Staining my soul with its heartless rind.Unforgotten, despite the passage of time.But time has come to break the bond.That swirling hole, that stagnant pond.I will no longer give food to the beast.ItContinue reading “Persistence of the unforgetting – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)”

Portending – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences) I have tasted from golden cups.As the city around me fell.In coloured eyes I saw the sea and the sky beneath me swell.I have lived and be damned.For the lost dreams like sand.Slip through my fingers like Sunday afternoons.Yet this example of perseverance.Sticks, despite interference, from the voices all around.With my notions of happiness.OfContinue reading “Portending – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)”

Wish the end – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences) Simple words say more in silence.Like the break between heartbeats.Like waves hitting the sand.To swim or drown in your fiery light.You cover your eyes with intent.Stealing the beauty away.Keep us trapped.Keep us safe.Locked into your skin like DNA.Longing after life’s mystery.Build the pyre from your bones and burn me inside out.Collapsing into your cells.AContinue reading “Wish the end – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)”

Faling into the sky – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences) What burns, are just the remains.Stupid parts, not protected.Cells that claim to be free.Yet remain divided.It’s so easy to escape, but then it will all be over.Covered in dust and wonderment.The skin of a dead society.Strip away the flesh, make me someone else.Threaded with distaste and apathy.A patience wains and cuts a last strand.TheContinue reading “Faling into the sky – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)”

Light – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)

The light in a teardrop, approaching.Destroying the dark that sits like soil on your cheeks.A wrecking river of black, dispelled by a single candle.That single effort of change.Who knows how small the room is when the lights are off.When the darkness wins.Yet each day the universe contracts, birthing out the sun.Raining down solar tears toContinue reading “Light – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)”

Tide – Mark Ryan How high to stem the breaching tide.That washes daily into our lives.A rise and fall, with horrific force.Split and cut right though our course.And though at times it seems sublime.It slowly soaks with turpentine.A drowning water in our lungs.Of life’s debris, while Satan hums.And watches while we slowly sink.God’s dye is cast, a deepContinue reading “Tide – Mark Ryan”