“Who cares what we eat?” – Navnidhi Vyas (Culled from Lucy’s Works)

Who cares what we eat?Just calming stomach’s heatExtra spicy , fried and sweetBe it eating or doing a cheat? Who cares what we eat?Overweight is common sightGlucose, lipids are at heightsAre we losing our health rights? Who cares what we eat?Gain cash at stake of fitDrain cash to regain itAre we fooling our intellect? WhoContinue reading ““Who cares what we eat?” – Navnidhi Vyas (Culled from Lucy’s Works)”

For mercy – Lucy (Lucy’s Works)

https://lucysworkscom.home.blog/ An epilogue of a vista in father’s ocean eyes; the echo of the dream fallen in conniption a chrysalis of fuckery at the mind-felt waves in ice welts; torturing in a quasi-silencing of shame as the wind blows the sail, riffs on the skin, witnessing the passivity of the shore in winter carver; somethingContinue reading “For mercy – Lucy (Lucy’s Works)”