autumn – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)

squander red rockalone the ladyand darknessto the tidesdislocate Apollo,to pares of boneswed to grief;I shatter likethe blue mooninto fall’s handsin the fingertipsof flowers that were not mine& ghost planetsand shiversreserved to thedeath of the apple,and baby’s dream. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. online at: Written for this week’s Go Dog Go Prompt: into fall’sContinue reading “autumn – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)”

her. – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)

Alabaster the dissociatedMoon; a blood-hunt of my dreams,death the psychosis, torment the arbitrarymind, I dreamed of the topples ofthunderbirds, medusa-ingmouths of darkness, and finalhair of serpents to planetaryshivers; and celestial deathof the stars, they translatethe whiteness of hills,goat-herding anesthesiain the sand-cratered moonswithin the dusty womb of Marsleft me my child-selfand I was her.  Written for the dVerse prompt:Continue reading “her. – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)”

dust to dream. – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)

dust / to the dream /flowers fall to the glass moonand her fingertips/ in the/ ephialtes /light and / cosmic touch; you tried to /ruin me / but I’m notAtë or Ares. Spume of the oceanI will not drown /you / in my threnody / war feet / burst like the applein the trench /Continue reading “dust to dream. – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)”

Five A.M. – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)

my own deathvineyards of moons,a shallow depthof the sea, Venus sinks,I drowned and criedin my sleep, died like the ocean,born in splitminds,like the magentaof mother’s womb; a vortex of nothingfair and bonyfor the ghostof mine does not grieve these amputations of mind;absence of the moon’s bare-bones, I see the lizard limbsof the moonrise as IContinue reading “Five A.M. – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)”

“Episodes of distress” – Kevin Davis (Culled from Lucy’s Works)

I’m fat, I’m big, I’m huge, I’m dark, I’m lean, I’m skinny, I’m subtle too, terms of comparison seems irrational Earth is diverse ranges in color, creed, ethnic, and race. We distinguish ourselves as an outcome of minute peculiar change. But end up Emphasizing condescension on all antonyms. Did you ever ponder the implication ofContinue reading ““Episodes of distress” – Kevin Davis (Culled from Lucy’s Works)”

Rainbows Last Forever – Kshitij (Culled from Lucy’s Works)

You remain, forever,in little things lostand found again. You do remain, foreverin the moments past,and smiles frozen. You have, do, and will remain, foreverin your Shattered dreams andMy broken promises, like a light, little leaffallen on the dustto kiss it life, or like a gust of windmeant to blow itaway from me as wicked momentsContinue reading “Rainbows Last Forever – Kshitij (Culled from Lucy’s Works)”

“Who cares what we eat?” – Navnidhi Vyas (Culled from Lucy’s Works)

Who cares what we eat?Just calming stomach’s heatExtra spicy , fried and sweetBe it eating or doing a cheat? Who cares what we eat?Overweight is common sightGlucose, lipids are at heightsAre we losing our health rights? Who cares what we eat?Gain cash at stake of fitDrain cash to regain itAre we fooling our intellect? WhoContinue reading ““Who cares what we eat?” – Navnidhi Vyas (Culled from Lucy’s Works)”

For mercy – Lucy (Lucy’s Works) An epilogue of a vista in father’s ocean eyes; the echo of the dream fallen in conniption a chrysalis of fuckery at the mind-felt waves in ice welts; torturing in a quasi-silencing of shame as the wind blows the sail, riffs on the skin, witnessing the passivity of the shore in winter carver; somethingContinue reading “For mercy – Lucy (Lucy’s Works)”