So, So, So – Lively Life (Life Particles)

You for the sake of you for the sake of you for the sake of you. I can hear the waves crashing on my shouldersYou understand now why I hold her.I can’t see it clearly but maybe you canand maybe that’s why we’re together( so we can be )( together )until the end. The endContinue reading “So, So, So – Lively Life (Life Particles)”

Your Bedroom – Lively Life (of Life Particles)

I think about your bedroom. That mysterious mysterious place. I wish I was more vocal about my curiosity. I wish I asked all the questions that were immediate in my head. Who all the people in the photos were. What all the little knick knacks and stuff and little awesomes and hey-cools were. Wish wishContinue reading “Your Bedroom – Lively Life (of Life Particles)”

Swiftly – Lifely Life (Life Particles)

A rising like the sunshinein your eyes todaythere comes the undeniable warmth,in your always delicate way. Climbing like the willows breath,your hands following the seed.To run through grassy hillside,joy forever on that breeze. for more at Life Particles, click on over:

Identity —Lively Life

My coffee had a belly. It went under the second I swished it around it’s mug. Or is it my mug? It has more ownership being inside of it afterall. That is not to say being inside a woman, you own her. So maybe safe to say, it is the mug I am sipping outContinue reading “Identity —Lively Life”