Should Twilight —Linda Lee Lyberg

Should twilight paint your silhouette in shades of amber and rose Recollections of past memories stark in black repose As I plunge, the cold winds murmuring in despair You’ve gone and where– There was once a white lucid thought of you and I Now naught but a broken grey shadow remains Swimming in the dustContinue reading “Should Twilight —Linda Lee Lyberg”

Heart Beats —Linda Lee Lyberg

Adorned with my colorful mask I venture out into the world among strangers I am startled by the sound of not only my own voice And theirs… Must they speak so loud? Are they shouting, or have I Grown accustomed to the subtle silence I live with each passing day But for the melodious songContinue reading “Heart Beats —Linda Lee Lyberg”

Star-Drenched Eyes —Linda Lee Lyberg

No longer can I travel through Boundless time and infinite space To gaze upon your handsome face So I have imagined and created A fiery orange planet in your image Orbiting in an impetuous sky When my aloneness becomes unbearable And I long for your comforting embrace I gaze up high with star-drenched eyes AndContinue reading “Star-Drenched Eyes —Linda Lee Lyberg”