An Empty Longing I feel a little too feverish Like someone should bring me a blend of roses Or a cream-filled cone to cool me Like I need a thousand smiles Wrapped in one box package Or a million kisses in a small glass I want wine but just a drop. I feel intoxicated, like a beer-soakedContinue reading “An Empty Longing”

Comment With a Title – Life in Words picture from WhatsApp Let’s carve ourselves into wood, Just you and I So I can forever smell your lips So I can prey on your lips when you sleep Let’s carve our love into art Dried and preserved Here we can live more than a lifetime We can inspire young hearts Like a futureContinue reading “Comment With a Title – Life in Words”

You Loved Me Not – Life In Words

I fell in love with you, And you brought me milk To make my breasts grow bigger I gave you all my heart But you carved it into grey, To suit your preferences. You didn’t see the right in me You carved and molded You shaped, reshaped, remodeled You replaced my diamond eyes You hardenedContinue reading “You Loved Me Not – Life In Words”