noT the E kiSS – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)

Not The Kiss I don’t want to kiss you nowI want to steal your stareI want to see the world in your eyesand drown in that atmosphere I don’t want to kiss you nowI want to watch your lipsspeaking about life and loveand many more pleasing things I don’t want to kiss you nowI wantContinue reading “noT the E kiSS – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)”

mUd – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts) slippery brown in the greenrains create this blessed scenetasting it all are many small feetplayfully they dance as the Nature greets motherly comfort when they falltransforms to a bed as they crawlmassaging their muscles with its greasereadying future soldiers by acting as their lee byKritika at: Note from the AuthorCopyright 2020 (All rightsContinue reading “mUd – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)”

Pole Dancer – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts) wrapped her frustrationin the prettiest attireglistening like a crystalshe became the fire stepped inside the barsoaring high in heelsleaving behind the tearsalive is what she wants to feel yearning for freedompetrified in taxing painthe overflowing wineleft a non washable stain emptying the glass contentsdiscarding the tasteless winelet the excitement beginearning for survival is primeContinue reading “Pole Dancer – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)”

‘No care for the sky’- Kritika and Geoff James, in Collaboration No care for the skyThe bird was meant to fly highA flutter of breeze Boughs whispering wakeSilence stains the break of dayFreedom attracts hope byGoff James and Kritika Maheshwari A collaborative effort of Goff James and Kritika (me) wherein Goff has helped me to understand what a Haiku is. Being a free verse writer, it was a littleContinue reading “‘No care for the sky’- Kritika and Geoff James, in Collaboration”

It is in the mood to rain —Kritika

It’s going to rain, for you never know it could be echoing somebody’s pain; the feelings that were so strong, for the emotions held for long, though the time was less, but the moment was a caress; like a feather touch precious to hold onto, but, it flowed out like water, unstoppable yet nurturer. TheContinue reading “It is in the mood to rain —Kritika”

They and Her- Kritika

charm of her facedisturbed many soulswhy is she happy?when life is difficult for us all ‘spreading positivityfrom the outsideburied the hurdlescourageously inside’ none knows the truthpeeking and pokingfollowing her like sleuthignored they feel as carelessly she moves ‘growing wings to flydreams are to reach the skysit on the moon and singbusy crafting her wings’ jealousyContinue reading “They and Her- Kritika”