Rising Waters – Kimberly Ray (Coffee Shop Sessions)

soft rolling wavesbrushing the shorelinecome hurling. warmth that used to makeyour blood boil makes yourecoil deeper from all that youhave felt and long tofeel. digging deep into the sandto push it away,you recoil into yourself.this was not part ofthe plan; moving to the cityto be part of thescene, only to find you’re constantlysinking. online at:Continue reading “Rising Waters – Kimberly Ray (Coffee Shop Sessions)”

the process of becoming – Kimberly Ray (Coffee Shop Sessions)

peel back the layers whenyou shared the process to the end result,you let me in and i mistook the meaningof a subtle sign that you let me in to a sacred space,seeing what makes you tick. a subtle hand holdingbut my dizzy head was lost in lust.what else could i trust, but we becamekindred spiritsContinue reading “the process of becoming – Kimberly Ray (Coffee Shop Sessions)”

“A Story of Hope” – Kimberly Ray (Culled from Lucy’s Works)

A writer yearns to tell their story, any story,that will stand the test of timefull of hardships conqueredand inspire generations with hope. The story shall feel whimsical,not so much with fairies dancingbut that there is a happy ending. The story shall have brevity,not so much as a long weathered talebut one that details just enough.Continue reading ““A Story of Hope” – Kimberly Ray (Culled from Lucy’s Works)”