One More Day – Keith Garrett

ONE MORE DAY Am I dreaming, selfish to expect or assume another chance, A breath, watching the sunrise to a brand new day, see and be. Why do I believe that my time is forever, but what may forever contain, Is forever now, another moment, another day is so much to ask for. One moreContinue reading “One More Day – Keith Garrett”

Sitting on the Porch —Keith Garrett

Warm and cozy words from Keith Garrett. I hope you are well. SITTING ON THE PORCH From where I sit on a Christmas Eve night, Cold and breezy, a fire in my sight. There is no moon as clouds cover this land, Soon it will snow, a warm drink in my hand. The trees areContinue reading “Sitting on the Porch —Keith Garrett”

A Christmas Scene —Keith Garrett

Snow covered ground with pine trees all around, Bears of white everywhere, logs of wood lying there. Roaming deer watching without fear, Snowballs on the ground, big and round. An elf that smiles up in a tree, Dressed in red, bells on his feet. There’s a snowman, in the distance he stands, Cold as Winter,Continue reading “A Christmas Scene —Keith Garrett”