wind – Just another Girl

I listen to the windas I lie in bedill positioned pillowspropped beneath my troubled head it speaks to me, this windvoice a distinctive hallmarkevoking myriad memoriesas I shiver in the dark it’s a drunk dude cursinga shrieking CSX freight traina woman loudly screaminggiving birth in blood & pain howling at my windowswirling dust at theContinue reading “wind – Just another Girl”

duvet days – kate58 (just another girl)

mournful windsthreatening skies of greyoutdoorsis off the table for todayrain is fallingoh so fineliquid diamonds danglingfrom the clothesline but it’s okayif my plans go astraygonna grab my blanketgive myself a duvet day to start, a big breakfastI will cookfeed my facereading my favourite booka long hot showerwill make me feel blessedbut I’ll not getproperly dressedContinue reading “duvet days – kate58 (just another girl)”

we are not disposable – kate58 (Just Another Girl)

time may slow, days may lagI’m older now so my breasts sagmy skin no longer a burnished goldbut I’m not useless: I’m just getting old grey – a bit thinning – grows my hairit takes a bit longer to get out that chairwrapped in a blanket cause I’m often colddon’t make me less worthy: I’mContinue reading “we are not disposable – kate58 (Just Another Girl)”