Âme Perdue —JoJo Alwaealy

Loving memory; “Kisses of the sweet.” As I begin with this story to tell, from whispering to the losing thoughts of discrete. While embracing the shadows, I run for you down the street. The beauty and grace, to remember them between the lane, I seek for answers beyond my burning sensation of the bittersweet. TenderContinue reading “Âme Perdue —JoJo Alwaealy”

Plea —JoJo Alwaealy

Part 1 In silence I hear your voice cracking, You whisper your final wish; “You and I are lacking.” So simple it was for you to say. Beyond my mind, beyond my soul, I was lost for you not to stay. you said; “You knew it would happen one day”. The burden I felt streamingContinue reading “Plea —JoJo Alwaealy”