‘Valorous – Jojo Al-waealy

In vibrant of the night I close my eyes, As afraid as I am I hear your voice for a moment to only hear words of lies. It was like a symphony, symphony of cries. I seek the moon’s light for me to guide In the night by the wise. Wandering soul passing through myContinue reading “‘Valorous – Jojo Al-waealy”

‘Vigour, – Jojo Al-waealy

Darkness and light have been inevitable though the rise of beauty has been irrevocable. And I take thee, passing soul, with me. for you to see; “This vitality has become immortal let’s inherit thou energy for the mortal!” Losing my sight, I was afraid to touch the light, and I cared less, for you toContinue reading “‘Vigour, – Jojo Al-waealy”