Another Day – JMac

What’s another day? It dependson who you ask. It’s all relative.Go ahead; ask a relative. Sure,it’s just 24 hours: 1,440 minutes.Some may say, it’s another day.Others say to not think ahead.Today is a day and tomorrowis another. That is where it getstricky. Who knows if we willsee another day? I guess wewill have to seeContinue reading “Another Day – JMac”

Gears – jmacthedream Oh dear, there are gearsin between my ears.They grind everyday.I remind myselfthat my own gearsneed no help to turnor to burn. Sometimes,I can hear my gearsgrind away. Sometimes,I can feel the steelbecome hot. I amsurprised smoke is notcoming from my eyes.These gears turn . I don’thave any concerns.They will always turn,no matter the year.Continue reading “Gears – jmacthedream”